Program 2021

The Häme Medieval Festival takes over the nights of August 20th to 22th 2021!

The people of the Middle Ages lived more magical life than us today. This time it’s not about knighthood romance or idolizing history; magic and spells were a big part of everyone’s life. Attempts were made to control the weather by spells, and the relics guaranteed the success of the war expedition. Christianity and traditional natural religion waged their battles for people’s souls.

Kireen Kypärän Taverna

The Tavern preparty Aug 18th and 19th and also the festival nights change at K-18 after 8pm. The festival organisation has considered this for a long time and found abnormal times to require slightly tighter limits.

Wednesday 18th Aug 2021

Our preparty is in festival area in Kiree Kypärä tavern. Tavern opens gates to visitors at 5 pm and close gates at midnight. Festival area is not ready yet then.

Thursday 19th Aug 2021

Our preparty is in festival area in Kiree Kypärä tavern. Tavern opens gates to visitors at 5 pm and close gates at midnight. Festival area is not ready yet then.


Program we be out soon… well, as soon as we can tell it to you. There will be Corvus Corax, Greenrose Faire and many others :) You don’t want to miss it. Proper program will be here soon. First something about our bands.

Corvus Corax is a German band known for playing neo-Medieval music using authentic instruments. Their name is the Latin name for the common raven. The band was formed in 1989 by Castus Rabensang, Wim (Venustus) and Meister Selbfried (“Master Selfpeace”) in East Germany.

The band often uses bagpipes as the solo instrument; their live performances attract attention with the bizarre look of the musicians being reminiscent of ancient Greek myths: half-naked, dressed in unusual clothes, wearing primitive tribal decorations, often tattooed.

Spiritual Season arrives at our event from Ukraine.

The band plays Irish-Scandinavian folk music. The band has been touring Europe and Asia since 2004 and now they are finally arriving in Finland.

The band is based in Transylvania, Romania.
Since 2008 it has played medieval and traditional music in original orchestration, proper for any sort of medieval festivals.
Their repertoire includes medieval music from the XIII th century up until contemporary days in original arrangements as well as their own neo medieval compositions.
They “rock” with their highly dynamic shows!

Greenrose Faire has been delighting at our event for several years.

The band’s immersive music takes you straight to the medieval tavern and the whirlpools of dance.

The band has also just released a new album so it’s worth coming!

Ratatosk is a Finnish folk music ensemble founded in Pietarsaari in 2014. Ratatosk plays Finnish-Swedish folk music, but is also influenced by various genres, such as rock, jazz and art music. The band combines contemporary instruments, guitars and basses with old traditional instruments. The name of the band Ratatosk comes from Scandinavian mythology. Ratatosk was a squirrel that ran along the trunk of the tree of life Yggdrasil, conveying messages between the worlds. The band also wants to be a messenger in a beautiful and diverse world.

The duo Mysticus brings natural mysticism and medieval stories to the festivals. The Forest Maiden and the Wizard take the listeners on a journey of imagination with the melody of song, percussion and lute.

The duo’s debut album Shaman’s Dream was released in June and will be available during the festivals.

Last but not least, Isara

The band’s three malicious men are also a familiar sight on the stages of our event but why not. The cheerfully rhythmic music literally grabs you to dance, you don’t want to miss this band.


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