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We welcome you to join us at Hämeen keskiaikafestivaali!

The Medieval Festival of Hämeenlinna is a traditional historically themed event with over 20 years of successful running time. It has evolved from a tiny medieval market to what it is now – the biggest medieval festival in Finland! The medieval theme of the festival must show in every category from clothing, product presentation, tents, booths etc. The precision in theme comes from the ideology and rules of Hämeen keskiaikayhdistys – The Medieval society of Häme.

Area construction

Construction work will start on August 15th and will continue to 17th of August. The festival and market stallion open to the public on 18 August at 12:00 am.

The pre-party of Kireen Kypärän Taverna, The Tavern will take place on the evening of August 17th. This is when area is free access.

Friday and Saturday evenings allow you additional sales, but you are not forced to be present/open unless you are a Tavern vendor, who are obliged by their own contracts.

The official market period does not begin until Friday since the public are not allowed to the area while construction is at work. The pre-party at Kireen Kypärän Tavern starts at 17:00.

Sale stall appearance and pricing

You must specify the appearance of your market booth while enrolling as a vendor. It is the duty of the vendor to hold on to the medieval appearance with the spirit of the event. The fixing request provided by the event organizer shall be done immediately. The seller must also take care of the general tidiness of their own spot throughout the event.

The medieval tent requirement may be deviated only by separately agreed terms in the Pakanametsä/Pagan forest. Exceptions have already been processed at the booking stage on a vendor basis.

Our smallest and cheapest options are a market table (a wooden table with a wooden roof 100x60cm) and a marketstall 150x90cm with a table and a fabric roof). These are limited quantity, so be quick if you need one. It is also possible to reserve these small booth spots and bring your own tent or table.

Bigger stands are sold by width. The stands in question are 2m/4m/6m etc. In many parts it is possible to use more depth than width since we only charge by width. Use your imagination!


Photography at the Häme Medieval Festival is allowed without exception in all areas allowed for the public. The only exception is made by the interior of the tents of the camps, if the occupant of the camp doesn’t want to allow it (respect home peace). As far as sellers are concerned, the possibility of banning filming is limited only to oneself and the so-called background premises.

Customers are allowed to take pictures of the stalls and their products. Sellers shouldn’t be allowed to use signs, etc. prohibit photographing. On filming in a public place, we follow the general rules set by the ombudsperson.

Clothing of vendors

This is a medieval event and the outfit of all persons at work follow the given theme. This applies without exception to all areas. The merchants and people staying over at the fantasy side Pakanametsä can dress with a fantasy feel, if they keep in mind and respect the overall medieval theme of the festival.

If you don’t have your own suit, you can rent a suit from our event’s costume rental. For vendors the rental price per outfit is 00,00€.

Contact / Vendor sales team

Before the event please contact us by email:

Parking and Parking areas

There are no parking spaces in the actual event area. A limited number of parking spaces are reserved for vendors near the event area (max. 1 parking space/sale stall). Please let us know if you need a parking lot, parking lots will be allocated in the order as they are booked. Long-term parking space has been reserved for performers, vendors and staff from the Lyseo and Keskuskoulu parking lots. Invalid parking space is located in the bus parking lot behind Restaurant Dolce Amore in Tampereentie.


Local Crew Oy/Jani Lodvonen tel 044 367 3700 is responsible for the safety of the event. The Security Control Base, Sheriff’s Camp, is located in the grassland area between the tavern yard and the lake during the event. There is a campfire continuously in the camp, so if necessary, you will receive safety assistance and advice from there.

First-aid is also provided by the Local Crew. The first aid point can be found in the festival area near the gate, in addition to an emergency patrol walking around the area.

General info

Breakfast is offered at the Kireen Kypärän Tavern yard in the mornings on Fri – Sun 9:00 – 10:00 for 0€ or 00€ for 3x. You can also buy saunatickets for 0€ or 00€ for the whole festival.

Safety instructions

– Don’t attend if you’re sick, or are starting to show symptoms of a respiratory infection or other illnesses.

– Make sure you follow good hygiene; Wash/disinfect hands.

– Every vendor must have disinfectant for their customers use.

– Make sure no big crowds gather around your booth at the same time.

– Keep the instruction sign provided by the festival in sight on your booth.

– Getting sick does not change the contract terms.

Festival opening hours:

Thu Aug 17th 2023

From 5pm till midnight festival preparty at Kireen Kypärän Taverna, free entry


Fri Aug 18th 2023

From noon till 7 pm Market open, tickets at the door and advance from Tiketti

From noon till 8 pm Kireen Kypärän Taverna open

From 8 pm till 2am Kireen Kypärän Taverna, 18+

From 7 pm till midnight Lantern Valley free entry

At 7 pm Nobelman’s feast, Viking feast at the castle, separate tickets

At half past 9 pm The Bailiff’s Fire tournaments, separate tickets

Sat Aug 19th 2023

From 10 am till 6 pm Market open, tickets at the door and advance from Tiketti

From 10 am till 8 pm Kireen Kypärän Taverna open

From 8 pm 2 am Kireen Kypärän Taverna open, 18+

At 7 pm Nobelman’s feast, Viking feast at the castle, separate tickets

At half past 9 pm The Bailiff’s Fire tournaments, separate tickets

Sun Aug 20th 2023

From 10 am till 4 pm Market open, tickets at the door and advance from Tiketti

From 4 pm till 5 pm Market open, free entry

Construction and service traffic, vendors registration

During the service hours of the festivals, it is possible to drive to the Linnanpuisto area.

DRIVING ON THE LAWN is prohibited at all times, lawn damage will be charged from the driver of the vehicle.

The driving route to Linnanpuisto runs through Tampereentie service gate (from the northern direction of Kustaa III:n katu) When you navigate, notice that the driveway from Niittykatu has been cut off, entry only from Tampereentie. Vehicles must leave the area before the end of the service hours.

Service hours as well as arrival in the area are as follows:

Wed 16 Aug from 8:00 –

Thu 17 Aug from 8:00 – 16:30

Fri 18 Aug from 7:00 – 11:00

Sat 19 Aug from 7:00 – 9:30

Sun 20 Aug from 7:00 – 9:30


When you reach the area you sign up at the vendors information desk. The information desk is located next to the service gate. When registering, you’ll receive an envelope containing a pre-arranged number of wristbands, an event program, the location of your stall spot, the Covid-19 board to the stall, the parking ticket which also serves as a driving permit during service, and other general instructions. Remenber to wear your wristband through the whole festival.

Deconstructing of the event begins on Sun 16th August at 17:00, as the festival closes. Traffic takes place in the same direction as the construction of the event, from Tampereentie to Kustaa III:n katu, towards Niittykatu.

Use of fire at the stall

If fire is used at your stall, an initial extinguishing equipment and a safety plan will be required. The security plan is available for download and must be returned by the beginning of August at Deviation from the rules relating to having a fire is a serious breach of contract, which may result in removal from the area. Information and more detail can be found in the terms of participation.

Let’s create the safest medieval festival of the summer together!

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